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Teeling Whiskey Single Cask 22 years

Teeling Whiskey Single Cask 22 years

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Teeling Single Malt 22 years (1999-2021)

Ribsalto Wine Cask No.64553

Capacity : 700ml

Alcohol content: 51.2%

Weight: 2.1kg

Single Malt 22 Year Old 1999 Ribsaltes Wine Cask

A precious whiskey made for the Japanese market (Three Rivers) in 1999 and bottled at cask strength.

from tasting notes

Color: Deep golden color.

Aroma: Mango Vanilla, Muscat, Peach, Rose Tea

Taste: Elegantly sweet with a touch of passion fruit, grapefruit candy, and rose water

Finish: Refined fruit tea tea leaf tannin lasts for a long time





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