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Selbourne Liquor シェルボーン リカー

TWO STACKS single malt whiskey 100ml x 4 cans

TWO STACKS single malt whiskey 100ml x 4 cans

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world's first! We deliver Irish Whiskey in cans!

"DRAM IN A CAN" just released from TWO STACKS in 2021

Single malt whiskey packed in 100ml cans of undiluted Irish whiskey. (The content is a bottle TWO STACKS Double Barrel Single Malt 43% not released in Japan)

It is made by mixing three styles: 10% peat malt, 50% triple distilled malt and 40% double distilled malt.


Cask: Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry

Taste: Deep oak spice, wild raspberry, sweet cassis

Finish: hazelnuts, toasted walnuts


It's mini size makes it easy to carry, so it's perfect for camping and outdoor activities!

Straight, on the rocks, highball, please try it with your favorite way of drinking.


Product Details


single malt whiskey

1 can 100ml x 4 cans set

43% alcohol content


*This product is a special pre-order sale price, so we offer a 5% discount.

The product is scheduled to arrive in Japan from the end of March to the beginning of April.

*Up to 12 items (48 cans) can be added for delivery without changing the amount.

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